Tuesday, May 25, 2010

visually interesting presentations

... a newer tool has come to light, and it seems that it has the potential to be groundbreaking. Prezi is described as a tool that can create visually interesting presentations and could take the place of PowerPoint and Keynote, which teachers mostly rely on now for their presentation needs.

Prezi is Web-based, and unlike PowerPoint and Keynote, it uses a single canvas instead of multiple traditional slides. Words, images, videos and other media are placed on the large canvas and then grouped together in frames. The reasoning behind this canvas idea is that the canvas enables users to make nonlinear presentations that can zoom in and out and focus on individual places within a single visual map.

Because the tool is Internet-based, a Prezi presentation can be made in a browser window, then downloaded onto the computer so that an Internet connection isn't needed when showing the presentation. The benefits to Prezi include the fact that it's considered by users to be less complicated to use, while resulting in more of an aesthetically pleasing and engaging presentation than is enabled by its competitors. Prezi is still fairly new on the scene, having only been developed in 2007, but it seems to show great potential moving forward as educators are coming to see on a wide scale how useful it is.

As technology continues to develop rapidly, the benefits of innovative new programs will not only be available to students. Like Prezi, newer and more sophisticated presentation tools and other valuable technological resources will be available for teachers to take advantage of as well. ...

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