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Happy 16th Birthday to SchoolCounselor.com!

Today is SchoolCounselor.com's 16th Anniversary!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

School Counseling & Technology: Legal and Ethical Issues

Second posting:
Dear SchoolCounselor.com eNewsletter subscriber,
From:    Dr. Russ Sabella, Florida Gulf Coast University
 Dr. Madelyn Isaacs, Florida Gulf Coast University
We are researching legal and ethical issues as they relate to school counseling and technology. Our goal is to identify and address these issues as part of a new publication. We have already started this discussion with many school counselors throughout the country who have told us about their challenges with one or more of the following areas:
n  Posting on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts).
n  Communicating with parents electronically (e.g., email, skype, text messaging, etc.).
n  Communicating with colleagues such as teachers, about students, over electronic systems (such as email in particular).
n  Storing or sharing student data/information securely, especially in the cloud (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox).
n  Using personal computers, smartphones, tablets, or other devices for work related tasks.
n  Dealing with cyberbullying, online harassment, and students’ digital reputation.
n  Staying abreast of technology as it relates to competency.
n  Delivering guidance lessons or other program activities online.
n  Keeping a work related website or blog not on a school based server (e.g., Wordpress or Blogger).
n  Liability for information published for school purposes.
n  Technology and assessment issues.  
We are now looking for more issues, examples, and specifics. If you can contribute, please respond by answering the following questions and sending them to me at sabella@schoolcounselor.com:
1.       How would you describe the legal and/or ethical situation(s) related to technology that you have experienced in the last three years?

2.       How did you try to and/or resolve the situation(s)?

3.       What other questions do you have about legal and ethical issues with school counseling and technology?
If you prefer, we would be glad to contact you to further discuss via Phone, skype, or Google Hangouts. Please provide us with that contact information.
We really appreciate it!
Russ Sabella, Ph.D.www.SchoolCounselor.com


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