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Issue #139 of the eNewsletter is now online!

Issue #139 (May 23, 2013) of the
eNewsletter is now 
online! eNewsletter #139

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Date of Publication: May 23, 2013
Welcome to, an electronic newsletter designed to advance counselors' level of technological literacy, application, and integration. You will find practical solutions and answers to technology related problems, especially as they apply to your job as counselor. If you would like to share a tip or trick, or if you would like to ask a question, e-mail Russ Sabella
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Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand is Embrace Civility in the Digital Age’s research-based student-led, positive norms program that seeks to encourage students to positively intervene when they witness bullying or other hurtful situations.
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Must See Videos
New videos have been added since the last issue:
•         Miyoko Shida Rigolo 1
•         Caine Stands Up (cyberbullying)
•         This is water ... In 2005, author David Foster Wallace was asked to give the commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College. However, the resulting speech didn't become widely known until 3 years later, after his tragic death. It is, without a doubt, some of the best life advice we've ever come across, and perhaps the most simple and elegant explanation of the real value of education.
•         TED Talks Education. The TED Talks Education one-hour program brings together a diverse group of teachers and education advocates delivering short, high-impact talks on the theme of teaching and learning.
•         Amazing High-Tech Promotion Against Child Abuse. Knowing the average height for adults and children under 10,GREY has created two different messages.
•         Pay it Forward .. Jayden Style
•         Next Generation Counselor?
•         The Battle We Didn't Choose
•         Dog Wants a Kitty

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– Keeping Kids Out of High Tech Trouble.This blog supports Dr. Russell Sabella's work on educating children, parents, educators and other stake holders about the responsible use of technology. Included in these pages you will find helpful resources, lesson plans, links, and more. Russ's most recent book and workshops are primary resources for meeting this mission. 
– eNewsletter. The e-Newsletter is an electronic publication designed to advance counselors' level of technological literacy, application, and integration. You will find practical solutions and answers to technology related problems, especially as they apply to your job as counselor. 
– Must See Videos. When I see a video that would be useful, inspiring, enlightening among counselors, I post it here. 
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Most Popular

Delay or schedule Sending Email Messages
This tip is for anyone who sent a message and then regretted it one second later which means that this tip is for everyone. If you use Microsoft Outlook as your email client, use this tip to delay all your emails.
Click here to see how. 
How You're Unknowingly Embarrassing Yourself Online (and How to Stop)
You probably know not to post things online that could bite you later, but many of us do it all the time anyway—often without even realizing it. Whether it's a friend tagging you in a photo or admitting you torrent your movies in a Facebook status, even innocuous posts or photos can damage your relationships, get you in trouble at work, or even land you in legal hot water. This page will help you understand and learn more about how to stop.
Office 2013 Quick Start Guides
If you’re new to Office 2013, you can download any of our free Quick Start Guides. These printable guides contain useful tips, shortcuts, and screenshots to help you find your way around. 
PowerPoint 2010: Change fonts on all slides with a single click
Solution: Under the Home Tab -> Replace (on your extreme right) -> Replace font (click down arrow to choose this option) -> Choose which font you want to replace with which new font -> Done! 
Video Slides
With Video Slides, you can create a slideshow from multiple YouTube and Vimeo videos. To get started, paste any snippet of text that includes video URLs and click the Generate button. The app will automatically extract the videos and turns them into a single slideshow with a unique URL that you can save or share online. Watch the Youtube demo of this online app here. 
Shutdown Timer Using Command In Windows 7
Sometimes user want to shut down their system after a specified time till the recent processes do not completed. So, here is an actual Shutdown command that can be launched from “Run”. I use this when I want my computer to finish doing a task (updating, sending out emails, etc.) and then shut down so I don’t have to remember to do it manually. Works like a charm. 
The Time Elapsed Analysis & Reporting System (T.E.A.R.S.) is a Microsoft Excel add-in that automatically calculates the total amount of time that you have spent in different aspects of your work. After exporting your calendar data from Microsoft Outlook to Excel, this add-in extracts elapsed time, sums up the number of hours in each category, and then produces both a table and a chart. If you ever wondered where your time goes, you will want to use T.E.A.R.S. to learn more. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is an online, paperless solution to video note-taking, that saves you the trouble of overusing notepad or Evernote while watching Coursera, Khan Academy, Udacity, edx or educational YouTube videos. Not having to first pause the video, restore notepad, and then write your thoughts can make learning even Computational Neuroscience a bit more breezy.
Source: addictivetips
Direct link: 
How to Beat Procrastination and Laziness with a Game
In this game, game character (like in RPG game) will get 25 'gold' after player will work for 25 minutes. 
Excel PC and Mac Keyboard Shortcuts 

PDF Shaper is a free PDF to Word RTF converter with easy-to-use user interface and many useful features such as multipage and batch PDF conversion, tab formatting, extraction of specified elements.
Also see Image Tuner and ISO Workshop at 
Microsoft Expression Encoder is an advanced application for bringing your edited video project to the web for high-quality playback in Microsoft Silverlight scenarios. 
Here is a brief video that demonstrates this software. 
Amazon Launches Sneaky Rival To Dropbox
Source: TechSupportAlert
A few months ago, Amazon launched a cloud-based storage system.  It scored a point over market leading Dropbox by offering 5 GB of free storage, but there was no desktop client application available.  You had to access your storage via your web browser. As of today, though, that's no longer the case.  Amazon Cloud Drive now has a desktop app, which effectively means that Amazon's service works almost identically to Dropbox.  Download the app from and install it. You'll also need an Amazon account if you don't already have one.
AutoCollage uses face and object recognition to swiftly create a collage of several images. You choose the collage that delights you and best displays the relevant content. With three easy clicks, you open, select, and save your image files, then AutoCollage does the rest by presenting your images in a perfect collage.
Click here to get it. 
Microsoft Education Labs: Flashcards
See more tools from the MS lab here
Enjoy your favorite podcasts in the browser without any software or apps. You can also send podcast episodes directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive. 
AudioDocs can convert Microsoft Word Documents to Wave Files so you can hear the documents that you created.
Converts between more than 50 file types.
Here is their YouTube Channel:
Simple and free, Jing is the perfect way to enhance your fast-paced online conversations. Create images and videos of what you see on your computer screen, then share them instantly! 
Google Social Search
Facebook Likes, Tweet Counts and Google+ Shares are a good indicator of an article's popularity on the web. And that's exactly what the above Google Custom Search Engine is all about. See video demo here. 
QR Code Generator
QR Codes are a popular type of two-dimensional barcodes that are used to display text, business cards, web URLs, email addresses and other kinds of text to a mobile phone user. The tool generates QR codes using the Google Charts API. All QR images have a unique URL that you can directly hotlink in your email signatures and web pages. Use this tool to generate your own QR Codes. Write some text or copy-paste a web page URL and hit the Create button. 
This tool will help you capture a screenshot image of any public web page with a click. You can capture a maximum of 10 screenshots per hour and captured images are cached to reduce server load. You don't need any software or browser extensions to capture the image of any web page. And it works with lengthy web pages too that extend below the fold. 
Soluto is a web service that helps you get more from your PC and makes it simple to help others with their PCs too. Soluto proactively monitors the PCs you manage and alerts you when a PC requires your attention, freeing up your time to do other things. 
MPC-HC is an extremely light-weight, open source media player for Windows®. It supports all common video and audio file formats available for playback. We are 100% spyware free, there are no advertisements or toolbars.

Desktop Wallpapers 
Stumble Upon: 40 Websites that will Make You Cleverer Right Now 
500 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free
Download hundreds of free audio books, mostly classics, to your MP3 player or computer. 
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Time Elapsed Analysis & Reporting System (T.E.A.R.S.)

The Time Elapsed Analysis & Reporting System (T.E.A.R.S.) is a Microsoft Excel add-in that automatically calculates the total amount of time that you have spent in different aspects of your work. After exporting your calendar data from Microsoft Outlook to Excel, this add-in extracts elapsed time, sums up the number of hours in each category, and then produces both a table and a chart. If you ever wondered where your time goes, you will want to use T.E.A.R.S. to learn more.

  • For those who use Microsoft Office (Outlook and Excel), you don't have to learn any other software.
  • You can access your Outlook Calendar on your iPad, other tablet, or mobile device using Outlook Web Access (OWA) and keep track of your appointments or tasks in real time. Then, when you get back to your office, you can easily access the updated information to generate your time and task analysis results with your desktop or laptop.
  • You can easily compare time/task time data across people in an organization.
  • Using TASK is pretty simple and includes only three steps:
    • Make sure your Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments/tasks are each assigned a category;
    • Export your Outlook calendar data to Excel; and
    • Click on the TEARS add-in to automatically generate your chart and table.
NOTE: TEARS extracts the amount of time that you spend in different categories of your work using Microsoft Outlook and Excel. If you are a school counselor and need more sophisticated software such as for student record keeping as well as tracking time, I recommend either EZAnalyze Time Tracker orHallways.
Download this Step-by-step tutorial (PDF) to see how it works or watch the video:
Technical Requirements:
  • Windows: Microsoft Outlook and Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Macintosh: All versions of Microsoft Outlook and Excel except 2008
Purchase now, only $3.99! Use your PayPal account or any credit card.

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