Tuesday, May 4, 2010

School counselors perceived importance of counseling technology competencies

Sabella, R.A., Poynton, T.A., Isaacs, M.L. (2010). School counselors perceived importance of counseling technology competencies. Computers in Human Behavior, 26(4), p. 609-617.

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The purpose of this study was to determine levels of perceived importance of technological competencies among school counselors, school counseling students, supervisors, and counselor educators as the competencies relate to their work. Results indicated that technology competencies relating to Ethical Standards and Data Management practices were rated as most important. Technological competencies rated lowest for level of importance related to Multimedia and Web Development. Four of the other subscales were very similar in overall average ratings and included Word Processing, World Wide Web, Communication & Collaboration, and Operating Systems. In addition, findings indicate that neither the participant's age, level of practice, or position (e.g., graduate student vs. practitioner) affects the perceived importance of technological competencies included in this survey. Implications for practice, training, and future research are included.

The survey we developed and used is available online:

Sabella, R.A., Isaacs, M., & Poynton, T. (2009). School counselors and technology survey (2009). [Online]. Available: http://www.schoolcounselor.com/sct-survey.pdf

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