Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How You Can Free Up 5 Days Each Year

This guide was written to help the average Outlook user be more productive and organized in MS Outlook. We do this by focusing on just a few key functions that can greatly improve your workday. By reducing the unnecessary clicks and steps most users start saving 8 - 13 mins a day, which over a year, equals to freeing up a total of about 44 hours.

In the guide we also cover the following:
- How to setup and customize Outlook views.
- Freeing up time and automating the calendar.
- How to setup and organize your inbox.
- 30+ shortcuts everyone should use.
- How to find anything in Outlook

The guide also includes tips and tricks, walk-throughs, shortcuts, and other helpful information for optimizing Microsoft Outlook productivity. It is one of the most comprehensives resources of its kind available.

Find the full Outlook guide here: http://www.avidian.com/resources/guide-to-using-outlook/

Happy National School Counseling Week!

This has been a big couple of big weeks for school counselors. First, the National School Counselor of the Year Awards ceremony was, for the first time, hosted by the First Lady at the White House. Then, ASCA followed up with a black tie banquet at the very beautiful Union Station. This week, we celebrate school counseling as part of National School Counseling Week!

Throughout, school counselors, counselor educators, and others were all impacted by both the awesomeness of the events but even more importantly, the remarkable progress made by the profession, especially in the last 15 years. Of course, we are just getting started and have a long way to go in many areas, but these are milestones that truly should be celebrated.

Here are some links if you want to catch up and tune in:

MAIN Link: http://schoolcounselor.org/school-counselors-members/awards/school-counselor-of-the-year-award

On Twitter:




FLOTUS presentation on Youtube:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV_ZhFZ9n0U 
Transcript: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/01/30/remarks-first-lady-presentation-school-counselor-year-award

Entertainment Tonight:


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