Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 5 Trainings from Russ Sabella

Solution Focused Brief Counseling and Parent Consultation. This experiential workshop is designed for both beginning and experienced school counselors, mental health counselors, social workers, psychologists, educators, other human service professionals, and educators who want to learn an innovative approach to empower their clients/consultees/students to recognize and utilize their resources. This model uses a systematic, five-step approach in which students/parents focus on solutions rather than problems. They are encouraged to think about times when their problems did not exist, and how these times contributed to the absence of the problem, and how to recreate such circumstances in their present situations. Focus is on the students/parents strengths and abilities rather than their weaknesses. Solutions are derived by the students/parents themselves and therefore not only are they more involved in their success, but the solutions fit their unique lifestyles. Finally, because they find their own solutions that work, often self-esteem is increased. With this emphasis of counseling on solutions rather than problems, counseling becomes brief.

Technology Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Educators. Learn about the most powerful features of various applications including word processing, spreadsheet, multimedia, and Internet. Dr. Sabella will share his most coveted tips, tricks, and short cuts to help you become more effective, efficient, and have more fun in your work! Lots of handouts and time for questions and answers.

Guarding Kids Against High Tech Trouble (Technology Safety). The goal of the seminar is to alert parents, educators and other caretakers about the dangers that technology poses to children and to give them tools they can readily use to keep kids safe and away from high tech trouble. The workshop covers topics such as social networks (e.g., Myspace.com), sexual predators, threats to privacy such as online diaries/blogs, cyberbullying and hate, inappropriate web sites and other materials, inappropriate use of gadgets such as cell phones, mp3 players, game appliances, and electronic communication such as e-mail, instant messaging, chatroo ms and bulletin boards. Visit www.guardingkids.cwww.guardingkids.comom for more details.

The Data Boot Camp for School Counselors is designed to advance technological literacy among counselors in a useful and practical manner. Particular attention is given to using Microsoft Excel™ to make data an important part of your comprehensive school counseling program. From data-driven decision making, to monitoring progress, to reporting the positive impact you're having on kids -- this workshop will demystify how it's done. Workshop content is pre-planned although flexible enough to meet individuals’ specific technological training needs. This workshop is conducted in a computer lab or with laptops so participants can gain valuable hands-on practice.

Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, with the intention of harming others. The technology used includes e-mail, message boards, blogs, instant messaging, cell phone, text messaging, defamatory personal Web sites and/or online personal polling Web sites. Frequently, media such as sounds, text, video, altered graphics, and photos are incorporated into the piece to add to the attacks. This workshop endeavors to help you understand the nature of cyberbulling and provides helpful tips for prevention and intervention among both bullies and victims.

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