Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Days until the next National School Counseling Week

Apparently I put a tickler in my calendar around this time last year to remind me to put the following "out there:"
In preparation for National School Counseling Week this year (February 6-10, 2017), it would be great to show everyone samples of how school counselors and school counseling programs make a difference in the lives of students.

If you have not started already, now would be the time to start collecting a little data for at least one case that you are working on, even if it is an individual student or case of one. Or, if you are ready to go, a case could include a small group, entire classroom, the school, consulting/conferencing with a parent, teacher, or others.

How can we better let the world know that school counseling has a positive impact and is a valuable component of the educational mission? How can we provide a bit of data/evidence that really brings the point home?

During NSCW in February: Once outcome data is collected, analyzed, and charted, the next step would be school counselors to plaster several Facebook groups, the ASCA Scene, blogs, and their local media to publish and promote examples of academic, social, emotional, and/or career development among kids.

Remember, this is a call for outcome data (impact) and not just process data. Let’s help others understand not just the “what” with school counseling, but the “so what.”

What types of outcomes are you focusing on? Is it: 

  • Percent of homework completion.
  • Percent of points earned on homework (out of available points).
  • Percent of students applying to college.
  • Scholarship moneys earned this year to date.
  • Attendance rates.
  • Discipline/behavior rates. 
  • Time on Task
  • Grades
  • Student Stress/Anxiety Levels


ASCA NSCW 2017 Resources

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