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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Relevant Professional Development for School Counselors, Teachers, and Parents

Keynotes, Pre-Conference Sessions, One Day Drive-In, Summer Academy, Content Sessions ....
I want to let you know that my professional development catalog is fully updated for 2017. You can download a copy of this PDF document by going to or directly, by clicking here . You'll notice topics including:
·         Solution Focused Brief Counseling
·         Solution Focused Parent/Teacher Conferences
·         Technology Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Educators
·         Cyberbullying & Digital Reputation
·         Going GaGa for Google
·         Datability and Charting
·         Developing Multimedia Accountability Reports
·      Counseling Theory Review and Practice
·         Livening Up Your Counseling Groups 
Training can be delivered in a variety of formats such as keynotes, pre-conference, content sessions, webinars, summer academy, or one day drive-ins. Call, email, or complete this quick and easy online inquiry form to get things started.
     Also, I'm very excited to announce the update to the popular Data Boot Camp for School Counselors, Administrators, and Educators course (DBC 2.0). This second edition is bigger, better, and completely online.
It is designed to help users be awesome with Microsoft Excel
and using data in their work.
     The DBC 2.0 provides step-by-step instructions for learning tips, tricks, and shortcuts when dealing with data in your work as a school counselor, administrator, or other educator. (Actually, the program is valuable for anyone who wants to access, analyze, and report on data, especially in the area of goal attainment). Particular attention is given to using a popular spreadsheet program, Microsoft Excel™, which is designed to assist in making more informed decisions in one's work.
     As a result of learning more about data and Microsoft Excel, you will be better able to monitor student progress and communicate to other stake holders about how your work is making a positive difference in the lives of clients.
     All the videos have been updated using more recent versions of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint (2010). In addition to the many descriptive pages, users have access to 39 videos covering 206 minutes (almost 3.5 hours) of tutorial footage. Lots has been added since version 1.0 and the course is now fully online! You can learn more by visiting
   Finally, make sure to see a list of all the lessons and competencies that DBC 2.0 addresses here. This would be an amazing training for all your counselors. Discounts are available for multiple purchases.
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