Thursday, October 4, 2012


The Time Elapsed Analysis & Reporting System (T.E.A.R.S.) is a Microsoft Excel add-in that automatically calculates the total amount of time that you have spent in different aspects of your work. After exporting your calendar data from Microsoft Outlook™ to Excel™, this add-in extracts elapsed time, sums up the number of hours in each category, and then produces both a table and a chart. If you ever wondered where your time goes, you will want to use T.E.A.R.S. to learn more.

  • For those who use Microsoft Office (Outlook and Excel), you don't have to learn any other software.
  • You can access your Outlook Calendar on your iPad, other tablet, or mobile device using Outlook Web Access (OWA) and keep track of your appointments or tasks in real time. Then, when you get back to your office, you can easily access the updated information to generate your time and task analysis results with your desktop or laptop.
  • You can easily compare time/task time data across people in an organization.
  • Using TASK is pretty simple and includes only three steps:
    • Make sure your Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments/tasks are each assigned a category;
    • Export your Outlook calendar data to Excel; and
    • Click on the TEARS add-in to automatically generate your chart and table.
NOTE: TEARS extracts the amount of time that you spend in different categories of your work using Microsoft Outlook and Excel. If you are a school counselor and need more sophisticated software such as for student record keeping as well as tracking time, I recommend either EZAnalyze Time Tracker or Hallways. Also, remember that this is an Excel add in which needs to be manually installed so don’t click it open. Learn how to install an add-in with this download (PDF).

Visit to watch a video, download a free tutorial (PDF), and purchase for only $3.99.

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