Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Using SmartBoard Technology

School Counselors have been asking me about how to take advantage of Smartboard technology so I put the question out on several forums. Here are some responses:


Karen Phillips wrote: I used for an anger management group when I was in the elementary setting. There are some interactive activities that were great and led to further discussion. I recently used our Smartboard in the computer lab for a career lesson for 7th graders. I utilized as a springboard for introducing career clusters and career exploration; I've also used it for a 5th grade career lesson. The stopbullyingnow lesson I presented went over well with 5th graders and it offers loads of further options for discussion. I love the smartboard! It really helps getting the kids up and moving and everyone wants to get involved.

Clare Simon wrote: I have used the US Dept. of Health & Human Services' website with 2nd graders.  The webisodes and games were interactive, informative and fun for the students.

Tim Gillian uses




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