Monday, August 19, 2013

Data Boot Camp 2.0: Anything missing?

The Data Boot Camp for School Counselors and Administrators, first published in 2006, was designed to help you become more proficient in using Microsoft Excel™ to make data an important part of your comprehensive school counseling program. From data-driven decision making, to monitoring progress, to reporting the positive impact you're having on kids -- the CD  demystifies how it's done.

Now I am 80% finished with a major update to the program, Data Boot Camp for School Counselors and Administrators 2.0. Before version 2.0 is complete and goes into production this December, I want check with you about a couple of things:

1. What are your data related questions or competencies that you would like to see and that are not included in version 1.0 (see here)?

2. What are your favorite consumption methods (e.g., install the program on your desktop, go to a website online, watch from your iPad or other tablet, kick back and watch an ongoing DVD on your TV or monitor)?

Please comment below (or here if you received this via email) or email me directly at

Russ Sabella, Ph.D.

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