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Welcome to, an electronic newsletter designed to advance counselors' level of technological literacy, application, and integration. You will find practical solutions and answers to technology related problems, especially as they apply to your job as counselor. If you would like to share a tip or trick, or if you would like to ask a question, e-mail Russ Sabella at 

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Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand is Embrace Civility in the Digital Age’s research-based student-led, positive norms program that seeks to encourage students to positively intervene when they witness bullying or other hurtful situations.

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Throw away your fax machine! With HelloFax, you can send & receive faxes sign documents and fill out forms ... all from your computer

BASED ON A TRUE STORY of OLD-FASHIONED LOVE ... Sina is a devoted daughter, an average student, and just happens to be at the center of the greatest tomato-flying mishap in Sicily's history.  This heartwarming story of food, family, and a deep and lasting love is destined to become a classic in children's literature.
PASTA is LOVE may make you laugh, and it may make you cry, but one thing is for certain, it will make you hungry!  It may also answer the age-old question, it there really a 'happily ever after?'   Ages 6-9
Available now at:
PASTA is LOVE Book Giveaway Winners

Jan G., Michigan
Diane T., Rhode Island
Judith M., Missouri
James S., Pennsylvania
Denisha B., Alabama
Mitchell C., Toronto, Canada
Christi M., Texas
Rachel S., Tennessee
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Vernetta B., North Carolina
Jennifer S., Texas
Reynita N., Phillipines
Megan U., New Jersey
Veronica J., South Carolina
Tori W., Pennsylvania

The Time Elapsed Analysis & Reporting System (T.E.A.R.S.) is a Microsoft Excel add-in that automatically calculates the total amount of time that you have spent in different aspects of your work. After exporting your calendar data from Microsoft Outlook to Excel, this add-in extracts elapsed time, sums up the number of hours in each category, and then produces both a table and a chart. If you ever wondered where your time goes, you will want to use T.E.A.R.S. to learn more.

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Top 5 Training Topics for School Counselors

Must See Videos
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New videos have been added since the last issue:

The world needs "childish" thinking
•         Bride's Special Dance
•         Learned Helplessness
Solution Focused Brief Counseling, Consultation, and LeadershipA Listmania! list by Russell Sabella
The list author says: "SFBC has been applied very successfully in a variety of situations, including addictions counseling, marriage counseling, pastoral counseling, mediation, and with groups of school children (as well as organizational development and leadership). More recently, this model has been successfully applied to solution focused brief consultation with parents and teachers, classroom management, and supervision. These are the books that I recommend to both professionals and others interested in this innovative and powerful approach to changing one's life." 

Beautiful ... Inspiring .. Motivational ... Touching
Counseling Posters for your Office and Home


Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should HaveGood tech habits aren't just for geeks—they can save you money, keep your personal information safe, and help you avoid frustration down the road.


How to Quickly and Easily Update or Remove Java in WindowsThere are dangerous exploits going around that take advantage of yet more security problems in Java. Java is installed on many PCs and is a common add-on for browsers. This current security issue means it is worthwhile to update a previous article about dealing with Java problems. A quick and easy way to update Java and clean up old versions of Java or to remove it entirely is to use the free app called JavaRa. This app has been around for a while and is now in version 2.0.


eBooks DailyFree Kindle ebooks everyday.


Free Kindle BooksLots of these types of sites emerging, make sure that they are still free at the time you access them before “purchasing.” Here are a few of my favorites


The Word 2007/2010 Redaction Tool can be used to redact text within Microsoft Office Word documents.


The Time Elapsed Analysis & Reporting System (T.E.A.R.S.) is a Microsoft Excel add-in that automatically calculates the total amount of time that you have spent in different aspects of your work. After exporting your calendar data from Microsoft Outlook to Excel, this add-in extracts elapsed time, sums up the number of hours in each category, and then produces both a table and a chart. If you ever wondered where your time goes, you will want to use T.E.A.R.S. to learn more.


What is The Levelator®?Do you believe in magic? You will after using The Levelator® to enhance your podcast. And you'll be amazed that it's free, now even for commercial use.
So what is The Levelator®? It's software that runs on Windows, OS X (universal binary), or Linux (Ubuntu) that adjusts the audio levels within your podcast or other audio file for variations from one speaker to the next, for example. It's not a compressor, normalizer or limiter although it contains all three. It's much more than those tools, and it's much simpler to use. The UI is dirt-simple: Drag-and-drop any WAV or AIFF file onto The Leveler's application window, and a few moments later you'll find a new version which just sounds better.


The R3 App, which stands for Recognize, Respond and Refer, is the first mobile domestic abuse screening tool in the U.S. and the leverages the research based HITS screening tool created 13 years ago and used across the globe.Android

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ helps busy, on-the-go people to understand and live the mobile lifestyle by providing a massive library of free, easy-to-understand video tutorials and shows as well as app downloads and tons of useful tips and tricks on trending topics.

Also see


Postings from Russ Sabella ...
– Keeping Kids 
Out of High Tech Trouble.This blog supports Dr. Russell Sabella's work on educating children, parents, educators and other stake holders about the responsible use of technology. Included in these pages you will find helpful resources, lesson plans, links, and more. Russ's most recent book and workshops are primary resources for meeting this mission.
– eNewsletter. The e-Newsletter is an electronic publication designed to advance counselors' level of technological literacy, application, and integration. You will find practical solutions and answers to technology related problems, especially as they apply to your job as counselor.
– Must See Videos. When I see a video that would be useful, inspiring, enlightening among counselors, I post it here.
– Twitter. Postings about all thinks counseling, life, humor, and more.

– Pinterest. Lots of resources for counselors, parents, and others.


RecuvaAccidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. And it's free!


PREDATOR locks your PC when you are away, even if your Windows session is still opened.


AccountKillerDo you care about your personal data? We provide instructions to remove your account or public profile on most popular websites, including Skype, Facebook, Windows Live, Hotmail / Live, Twitter, MSN / Messenger, Google and many more. Want to create an account somewhere? Check our Blacklist first to see if it's even possible to remove your profile!


WizTreeLooking to regain some space on your hard drive? Instead of sorting through all your files manually, give this program a go. WizTree finds the files and folders using the most disk space on your hard drive.
here to access.


AVG AntiVirus Free Edition provides basic antivirus and anti-spyware protection for Windows. It is for private and non-commercial use only. When you install AVG it will ask you to try out the free trial of AVG Internet Security 2013. You can decline to stick with the free version. AVG will also ask you to install its browser toolbars. Make sure your deselect these if you don't want to install them (you don't need them).


PowerPoint Games These games were created in PowerPoint.  Download the templates and modify the games to fit your curriculum needs.



SCOPE: BlogrollALL of these blogs are created by School Counseling professionals. The most recent post is shown. A blog can be a way to share your reflections, insights and ideas OR to communicate with your students, staff and families. If you have a blog that is not listed, please feel free to add it or contact me at and I'll add it for you.


Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) is a free set of powerful security tools designed to help users identify and remove malware and unsafe processes from Windows computers. Designed as a portable application, the software requires no installation and can be run directly from removable media such as a USB key.

Also check out: Norton Power EraserEliminates deeply embedded and difficult to remove crimeware that traditional virus scanning doesn't always detect. Norton Power Eraser is specially designed to aggressively target scamware. It uses our most thorough scanning technology to eliminate threats that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect, so you can get your PC back. Although know that “Because Norton Power Eraser uses aggressive methods to detect threats, there is a risk that it can select some legitimate programs for removal. You should use this tool very carefully. If you accidently remove a legitimate program, you can run Norton Power Eraser to review past repair sessions and undo them.”

And .. If you are a Comcast or Xfinity Internet service subscriber, you can get the Norton™ Security Suitefor free!


The first Google+ community for counselors is here!


A Million Books to ReadSource:
Good old-fashioned books are losing their luster, with ereaders and tablets changing the way we read. With physical books coming close to extinction, you can simply download the book you wish to read on your ereader or tablet using Open Library. More than 1 million books are available for free download. All you will need to do is set up an account using your name and email address. What's more, Open Library is attempting the seemingly impossible feat of cataloging every single book ever written. Each book's page has information on the book, the author and relevant links. It's all open source, which means you can edit mistakes and add information to every entry.


GeekUninstallerStandard removal program leaves tons of leftovers on your PC. GeekUninstaller performs deep and fast scanning afterwards and removes all leftovers. Keep your PC clean! Use Force Removal for stubborn and broken programs. Single EXE runs flawlessly on both 32 and 64-bit Windows 7/8/XP/Vista. When running on x64 Windows GeekUninstaller is running as a native 64-bit application.


Yapp is a drag-and-drop app builder for iOS and Android that lets you conceive, build, and launch your very own branded event app in a very short period of time. If you have absolutely zero web design / development skill, Yapp is for you. If you’re hosting an event and need people to sign a virtual guestbook, view detailed information about the event on the go, or just browse some images of past events … it’s simple enough to do.



SellSimpleSimply snap a few pictures, enter your details, and instantly sell your item on: Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Text Message, Email & the SellSimple Marketplace. Available on iPhone & iPad


james kibbie - bach organ worksFree downloads of the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded by Dr. James Kibbie on original baroque organs in Germany, are offered on this site.


Chrome Browser: Honey Automatically Searches For And Applies Coupon Codes When You Shop Online
Honey works with over 100 stores, adding a new button to your checkout page that does all the work for you—searching and applying coupon codes—without you having to lift a finger. What more could you ask for? Check out the video above to see it in action, or try it out by installing it at the link below.
Click here to access the extension.


Snapseed is an easy-to-use photo editor with dozens of options. You can auto-correct problems in one tap, or manually tweak, rotate, straighten, crop and play with exposures.
Android or iOS


facebook tech talks


Greater Good Videos
Provocative talks and revealing interviews with leading experts on the science of happiness, compassion, mindfulness, and more.


Scores of Free MP3 DownloadsSource: 
Gizmos freeware
Every day, the nice folks at give away a free MP3 music track.  And as a special treat they've put together a single page which contains download links to every track they gave away in 2012. Downloading each track is quick and easy, so you can build up a useful MP3 music collection in no time.

To access the list, just head to and browse.

Also see The Audio Drama Directory - Free Original Audio Movies: Zombies, Spaceships, Immortals, Superheroes and More! :
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