Sunday, February 24, 2013

Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand

Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand is Embrace Civility in the Digital Age’s research-based student-led, positive norms program that seeks to encourage students to positively intervene when they witness bullying or other hurtful situations.

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The Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand program is very promising because it is centered on using students as agents of change who can powerfully transform a school community by modeling and sharing positive behaviors marked by kindness, civility, mutual respect, empathy, and meaningful conflict resolution.

Dr. Sameer Hinduja, Cyberbully Research Center, co-author ofSchool Climate 2.0: Preventing Cyberbullying and Sexting One Classroom at a Time

Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand is a state-of-the-art bullying prevention program that incorporates best practices and existing research on what works. Noteworthy are the incorporation of positive messages, normative influence and norms correction strategies which are all essential elements for success. I am impressed with this program.

Dr. Alan Berkowitz, Editor and founder of The Report on Social Norms and independent consultant who helps institutions and organizations design programs that address health and social justice issues.

Students are very interested in what they and their peers think about themselves and are responsive to what student leaders have to say. When we set up a situation where we have them telling themselves what they think about how they treat each other, nothing any expert says can ever compete with that.

Gary McDaniel, Clinical School Social Worker in West Virginia

Kids trust each other, more than they trust adults. Learning about kindness and caring from peers has a powerful impact in a school community.”

Dr. Karen Siris, principal on Long Island, co-author of Stand Up

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