Friday, November 23, 2012

Save $50 ... Preorder Hallways 4 by November 30, 2012

Save $50 ... Preorder Hallways 4 by November 30, 2012 for just $99.95. The regular price of $149.95 will apply after that, so preorder now and save!

Order must be placed by November 30, 2012. Preorders can be made online or by purchase order. All preordered software will be shipped December 15th, 2012. As this offer is limited to the first 100 orders, we strongly recommend that you place your order as soon as possible.

Hallways School Counseling Software

An unavoidable aspect of school counseling these days is paperwork. Tracking services and student standards can be a tedious and time consuming chore that detracts school counselors from working with the students.

If you're concerned that documentation and accountability requirements are interfering with the time you could be spending with students, consider Hallways, a program designed specifically for school counselors. Our school counseling software is dedicated to helping you find the balance between meeting the demands of administrators and government, and the work you'd rather be doing.

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