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Counseling Related Webinars by Russ Sabella

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Each webinar is customized for either 60 or 90 minutes.
Other options available upon request.

Creating Compelling Charts: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
School Counselors, Administrators, and other Educators are compelled to make data driven decisions, monitor student achievement, and communicate results. Initiatives such as the ASCA National Model™ and RtI include these as critical components of an overall school counseling program. This workshop will help counselors understand the differences among various charts and their appropriate uses. This "nuts and bolts" training will also show participants how these charts are created and customized using Microsoft Excel and other productivity tools.

  • Overview what data looks like in Excel
  • F11 for creating charts
  • Disaggregation Charts
  • Creating a Picture Chart using PowerPoint
  • Creating a Waffle Chart using PowerPoint
  • Adding a goal line (RtI)
  • Change chart format (colors, font, etc.)
  • Save new format as template for future charts.
  • Animate chart bars or arrows (e.g., percent change).

Solution Focused Scaling with Students, Parents, and Stake Holders The solution focused counseling model encourages others to think about times when their problems did not exist, how these times contributed to the absence of the problem, and how to recreate such circumstances in their present situations. Focus is on the students/parents strengths and abilities rather than their weaknesses. Solutions are derived by the students/parents themselves and therefore not only are they more involved in their success, but the solutions fit their unique lifestyles. Finally, because they find their own solutions that work, often self-esteem is increased. With this emphasis of counseling on solutions rather than problems, counseling becomes brief. This webinar covers the popular solution focused scaling approach with lots of handouts and resources. Teachers who want to conduct solution focused conferences with parents should also attend.

Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, with the intention of harming others. The technology used includes e-mail, message boards, blogs, instant messaging, cell phone, text messaging, defamatory personal Web sites and/or online personal polling Web sites. Frequently, media such as sounds, text, video, altered graphics, and photos are incorporated into the piece to add to the attacks. This webinar endeavors to help you understand the nature of cyberbullying and provides helpful tips for prevention and intervention among both bullies and victims.

Developing Multimedia Results ReportsThis webinar will help participants to develop self-advancing, narrated, multimedia results reports. In essence, counselors will create a digital story that demonstrates the positive impact they have on students and other stake holders.

Guarding Kids from Harmful Online ContentThe Internet is replete with pornography and websites that support eating disorders, self-injury, suicide, hate, and racism. This webinar overviews both human and technological solutions for blocking, filtering, monitoring, and setting up conditions and consequences for accessing online content.

Solution Focused Leadership and Organizational DevelopmentDr.
Russ Sabella has held various leadership positions including Past President of the American School Counselor Association and President Elect of the Florida School Counselor Association. He has been a featured trainer at various Leadership Development Institutes and has helped many counseling organizations over the last 20 years to "get to the next level." In this presentation, he shares various solution focused principles that will help leaders to stay focused on what matters, to move from admiring problems to embracing solutions, and develop a "slow and go" attitude to building sustainability.

School Counseling 2.0: Communication/Collaboration Technologies to Reach and Teach Each Our Stake Holders

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have great potential for helping school counselors disseminate important information and interact with students and stake holders. This comprehensive training incorporates focuses on free or almost free services that counselors can use to enhance their school counseling programs.

How to Use Google Docs to Collect and Analyze Data
Although student information systems house insane amounts of data, school counselors sometimes need data not collected (e.g., social, personal, career data). This webinar will demonstrate how to do this most effectively and efficiently using technology. Specifically, counselors will learn how to use Google Docs (free with a registered account) to do just this. Google Docs allows for free and unlimited data collection and can even provide a quick summary of your results! From homework completion rates, to event RSVP’s, to cyberbullying surveys, this webinar will show you how to do it.
Contact Dr. Sabella about a webinar for your School or Organization:Russell A. Sabella, Ph.D.
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