Thursday, March 1, 2012

National Eating Disorders, NEDAwareness Week

National Eating Disorders, NEDAwareness Week

Hi All,

I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Susie Roman, Director of Programs at
the National Eating Disorders Association, and I'm excited to be
joining this group (thank you, Nancy!). Since pro-anorexia/bulimia
sites has been a big buzz in the media lately, I thought you all might
be interested in National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (happening
now!) and NEDA's new partnership with Tumblr to ban active promotion
of self-harm.

Tumblr is implementing their policy this week, during NEDAwareness
Week (Feb 26-March3), to flag and remove dangerous sites that
encourage and glorify eating disorder behaviors and images intended to
be "thinspo" (thinspiration). They will also be posting a PSA
announcement directing those searching terms related to eating
disorders and pro-ana/mia sites to the NEDA Helpline and website for
resources. This is a big development, because it is a platform with 40
million users, taking a stand and recognizing that viewing pro-ana
content can trigger or further entrench eating disorders, which are
serious mental health conditions, not lifestyle choices. We've worked
with Facebook as well, in an advisory capacity, so it is encouraging
to see some of these industry leaders setting an example in this area.
If you want to know more about this topic and the dangers of pro-ana/
mia sites, feel free to email me.

I also wanted to invite you and your members/constituents to join us
as participants in NEDAwareness Week. Anyone can register (takes 30
seconds and is free) and receive access to tons of free, online
resources such as the print-ready stats/facts sheets, Educator Packet
(activities for the classroom, discussion guides, film list, printable
bookmarks), PowerPoint Presentations, event listings, activity guides,
pre-written articles on a very broad range of topics and much more. We
have seen a very stong positive correlation between increasing
participation in NEDAwareness Week and calls to our Helpline, support
programs and website, so we know how important raising awareness and
educating all communities is. Here are the links, and once registered,
you can download the NEDAwareness Week logo key messages, etc.
NEDAwareness Week Homepage:
NEDAwareness Week Registration:

I look forward to being a part of your discussions and learning about
all of your important work.

Susie Roman

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