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January 16, 2011

Welcome to, an electronic newsletter designed to advance counselors' level of technological literacy, application, and integration. You will find practical solutions and answers to technology related problems, especially as they apply to your job as counselor. If you would like to share a tip or trick, or if you would like to ask a question, e-mail Russ Sabella at

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Top 5 Training Topics for School Counselors

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    – Keeping Kids Out of High Tech Trouble. This blog supports Dr. Russell Sabella's work on educating children, parents, educators and other stake holders about the responsible use of technology. Included in these pages you will find helpful resources, lesson plans, links, and more. Russ's most recent book and workshops are primary resources for meeting this mission.
    – eNewsletter. The e-Newsletter is an electronic publication designed to advance counselors' level of technological literacy, application, and integration. You will find practical solutions and answers to technology related problems, especially as they apply to your job as counselor.
    – Must See Videos. When I see a video that would be useful, inspiring, enlightening among counselors, I post it here.
    – Twitter. Postings about all thinks counseling, life, humor, and more.
    Beautiful ... Inspiring .. Motivational ... Touching
    Counseling Posters for your Office and Home
    GooEdit (Chrome Extension)
    Image editor that helps you to edit your pictures/photos/images easily and fast, on html5 online without need to download.
    Differentiate your presentation: Use Special Fonts
    Unless you are presenting to your boss or to your board of directors, try some new fonts. Serve a fresh visual slide to your audience and stand out from the crowd. Get known by the uniqueness of your fonts. Needless to say, your fonts should be stylish yet legible.
    Start a YouTube Video at any Specific Time
    Do you want to share the most interesting part of a YouTube video with your contacts without wasting their time?
    RSS to PDF Conversion
    There are many tutorials, tips and tricks on blogs you might have subscribed and some of these posts might be needed for you for future reference. It is a nice way to convert these into PDF files rather than directly opjening it from RSS feeds. feed2PDF is a simple free online service which allows you to convert RSS/Atom feeds to PDF documents. You just need to input the RSS feed address and the service does the job of converting to PDF. You can specify the number of posts you want to convert. There is also option to download individual posts or the complete posts.
    Click here for more.
    Microsoft Word Addin Tabs -
    One thing that I don’t like about Microsoft Word 2007 is the lack of tabbed documents. That is, when you open multiple Word documents, each document has its own icon in the task bar. You need to purhcase a hunting license if you have 3 or more open along with other applications. Not any more. I found the solution. This free add-inprogram gives you Tabbed browsing in Word 2007 and 2010. Navigating Word documents is now as easy as navigating websites in multiple tabbed browswers. And, the add-in is free.
    YouTube mp3
    There are lots of great lectures, public service announcements, and other educational content on Youtube. What if you want to convert a YouTube video to an audio file for listening on your mp3 player or car. This site does it in a flash.
    Trim Spaces for Microsoft® Excel®
    When you import data in Microsoft Excel from an external data source, it often comes with some extra spaces. These spaces are invisible and, in fact, present no problem unless you have to process data further, say, to remove duplicates. If you try to do this using the standard Excel function, or our add-in for removing duplicates, no duplicate entries will be found, though you definitely know they do exist in your worksheet. The reason is obvious - excess leading or trailing spaces that you are not even aware of. The Trim Spaces add-in for Excel works in Microsoft Excel 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000. And it’s free.
    Also .. Document Hyperlink Checker for Microsoft Word is a free tool for managing and checking internal hyperlinks in Microsoft Word documents Use this add-in every time you need to check whether a link of your Microsoft Word document is valid.
    How to Schedule a Post on Blogger
    If you use Blogspot or Blogger to blog, you may have wondered if there is a way to schedule when your posts are published, especially when you want to head off for a few well earned days of holiday season rest. There is a very easy way to do this, following the steps outlined below.

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    of .. Free

    Back Issues 20-95
    Back Issues 96-114

    The Vision Board Builder is a completely free Windows application that’s designed to make building attractive image collages a snap!
    Need a free icon?
    Google is taking another crack at a social service, this time with Hotpot, a tool designed to capture local knowledge and recommend establishments such as restaurants or stores you might want to visit. Google unveiled an early version of Hotpot in a blog post yesterday, and I think Hotpot has some attributes that could help it achieve modest success.
    presentation magazine
    Free PowerPoint download, PowerPoint presentation templates, PowerPoint designs and keynote themes, editable PowerPoint newspapers
    iSpring Free is a free PowerPoint to Flash converter. iSpring works as a PowerPoint add-in and converts .PPT, .PPTX, .PPS, .PPSX presentations into Flash (.SWF) format. It is now compatible with Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2010, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. iSpring converts PowerPoint into a single .SWF file with all external multimedia resources embedded keeping original animations and transitions, hyperlinks and interactivity, audio, video and Flash objects. Plus, iSpring allows to add YouTube videos so that they play righ in your Flash presentation after conversion and uploading to the Internet. After conversion to Flash format your presentation turns very compact, easy to distribute and share on web and compatible with all browsers and OSs. iSpring Free features publishing at SlideBoom, online PowerPoint presentation sharing service. With iSpring Free everyone can get attractive and high quality Flash movies just with one click.

    Shout out to Reader Madelyn Isaacs for this one.
    Teach Parents Tech
    This site was built by a few folks at Google to help keep tech support a family business.
    Workrave is a program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The program frequently alerts you to take micro-pauses, rest breaks and restricts you to your daily limit. Please refer to the feature comparison for a complete list of features, and how the program performs with respect to other programs on the market. The program runs on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.
    Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.
    The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer provides a streamlined method to identify missing security updates and common security misconfigurations. MBSA 2.2 is a minor upgrade to correct minor issues and add optional catalog support.
    Click here to download.
    Study Skills for Students
    Lots of study guides.
    FreeUndelete restores deleted files, including those removed from Windows Recycle Bin. In case of accidental removal of files on a NTFS (1.0 and 2.0) (default for Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and NT), FAT32, FAT16 or FAT12 file systems this is the utility to help.
    Youtube Find > Mix > Watch
    Discover music and create playlists on YouTube.
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