Monday, October 18, 2010

Ellen and Anderson talk cyberbullying


  1. Having a compassion class taught in school would be nice. However, with all of the high stakes testing and accountability measures imposed on teachers, there just isn't enough time. Also, I don't believe that "compassion" should be taught by teachers, but it should be reinforced. Compassion and caring should be taught in the home by the PARENTS. Stop making "schools" responsible for every ill of society.

  2. School counselors can teach lessons on empathy, compassion, and standing up for targets of bullying. The classroom teacher doesn't have time to focus on those issues but they can supplement what the counselor teaches. We should have more school counselors at the recommended ratio of 250:1. That could make a big impact on the bullying problems in our schools.

  3. I completely agree. School counselors are equipped to do this and do it well although they need more realistic support to make it happen. The ratios are critical.


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