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Welcome to, an electronic newsletter designed to advance counselors' level of technological literacy, application, and integration. You will find practical solutions and answers to technology related problems, especially as they apply to your job as counselor. If you would like to share a tip or trick, or if you would like to ask a question, e-mail Russ Sabella at


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Beautiful ... Inspiring .. Motivational ... Touching
Counseling Posters for your Office and Home


Drawing Lines in Microsoft Word

You can create a line across the page of your Microsoft Office Word document or Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail message by using just a few keystrokes.

• To create a normal line, type three consecutive hyphens, and then press ENTER.

• To create a bold line, type three underscores, and then press ENTER.

• To create a double line, type three equal signs, and then press ENTER.


Microsoft Office (e.g., PowerPoint): Quick copy of an object


To copy an object on your page quickly and easily instead of using cut & paste, try this instead. Select the object you want to copy by clicking on it. Hold down the "CTRL" key on the keyboard. Click (with the left mouse button) and drag the object to the new position. Simple & quick. Now try it again but press the "Shift" key at the same time as the CTRL key, this will keep the objects aligned. Great for making diagrams etc.


Handouts & Quick References

Handouts of keyboard shortcuts, tips, tricks, function key, Microsoft Office 2007 shortcuts, help for most software users, the keyboard has been and always will be the fastest way to access popular features in your favorite programs. Think about it. When you're typing an e-mail, where are your fingers? Right there on the keyboard. Whatever you want to do, chances are, there's a keyboard shortcut that will take you there faster. And we're not just talking cut and paste. Check out these keyboard shortcuts, tips, tricks, and great software quick references all in one place.


Embedding an Excel Chart in a Word Document

Word and Excel usually work pretty well together. This means that you can easily paste charts from Excel into your Word documents. Here's how to go about doing the pasting. (This tip works with Microsoft Word 97, Word 2000, Word 2002, Word 2003, and Word 2007.)


Switching Cases in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word offers several case options: lowercase (hello), title case (Hello), and uppercase (HELLO). You can switch between them very easily. Select a piece of text, and then press SHIFT+F3.


Add Rows and Columns to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

To add a row or column: Select any row or column, and then press the CTRL key at the same time as the PLUS SIGN (+) key on the numeric keypad.

To delete a row or column: Select the row or column, and then press the CTRL key at the same time as the MINUS SIGN (–) key on the numeric keypad.


Microsoft Word 2007 Document inspector.

Your Word 2007 documents may contain a lot more information than you realize--tracked changes, comments, hidden text, private properties, and more. Distributing a document with this kind of data present can be embarrassing. To make sure you're not revealing too much in a Word 2007 document, click the Office button at the top left, point to Prepare, and click Inspect Document in the resulting menu. Word 2003 has no precise equivalent, but you can get some benefit using the Security tab of the Options dialog. Check the boxes "Remove personal information from file properties on save" and "Warn before printing, saving, or sending a file that contains tracked changes or comments."


FreePDFCards - Easily generate printable business cards online. Just type in your contact information, upload your logo, customize text size and get PDF file that you can print out using any printer


Merge PDF Documents for Free!

This service enables you to combine multiple PDF documents into a single one, free of charge


Data Boot Camp for School Counselors
and Administrators - CD

Russell A. Sabella, Ph.D.

My newest CD is designed to help you become more proficient in using Microsoft Excel™ to make data an important part of your comprehensive school counseling program. From data-driven decision making, to monitoring progress, to reporting the positive impact you're having on kids -- this CD will demystify how it's done.

With the Data Boot Camp for School Counselors and Administrators, what you see and hear on the videos is what you do. At your fingertips, you'll have access to 30 videos and lots of graphics, tips, tricks, and resourceful links. This straightforward step-by-step approach makes learning how to use Microsoft Excel™ (and a bit of PowerPoint™) as easy and convenient as watching television. Data Boot Camp will help school counseling students, practitioners, administrators, and counselor educators to more easily unlock the power of data so you can more effectively support student achievement.

The content on the CD is equivalent to a full-day workshop in the computer lab!

Visit and learn more about the contents of the CD and view a couple of sample videos (Remember, these samples may take a few moments to load because you are online. However, on the CD, this is not an issue because the videos are all located on the CD itself!).

$18.95 (FREE shipping)

Please allow 5-7 working days to arrive



Adding Sounds, Music or Narration to PowerPoint 2003 Slide Shows

Sounds of all sorts can be added to PowerPoint presentations. Learn how here.


PowerPoint Templates

Jumpstart your presentation with a PowerPoint template. Each of the templates has both the traditional title and content slides as well as a color scheme. For PC & Mac.


Collaborative Writing Site MixedInk Launches

MixedInk, a free online collaborative writing site, has publicly launched. The idea is to allow groups of people to compose their ideas into a collective text, such as reviews, blog posts, and news articles.


Shift happens!

This popular video has been updated for a meeting of Sony BMG executives in June 2008.


Google Search Tips

A clip from DL.TV on search tips for Google. Patrick Norton interviews Matt Cutts of Google.


An Email Reminder Service That Can Pester If You Like

from Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal

urge me reminders If you fall in the category of people who like to postpone tasks as much as possible, give Urge Me a try. Urge me is another free email based reminder service on the web but with a small twist. You pick a date when the task is due and Urge Me will send you email reminders as you get closer to the date. You’ll get urged by email every month, then 2 weeks before, 1 week before, and a few days before. You can cancel these pestering emails any time by simply clicking the unsubscribe link in the email message.


AutoMotivator is for making printable motivational posters or parody demotivational posters. You choose the picture, colors, and text, and we make your poster. You can even get the poster you create printed at poster size directly from with a single click.

Also see (Just for fun)


ReadAir 0.3.1

Source: The Scout Report -- February 6, 2009

There are a number of RSS feed readers out there, and this may be one of the best. This version of ReadAir allows users to access all of their feeds simply, and they can also search all of them by keyword and look around for shared stories. While ReadAir doesn't have the trend analysis feature that some users have come to expect from Google Reader, it's still a very valuable tool. This version is compatible with computers running Mac OS X 10.3 and newer.


FoxFilter is a personal content filter that helps block inappropriate content as well as block access to user-specified content and Web sites.


Yahoo! Launches New Yahoo! Safely Site Featuring iKeepSafe

iKeepSafe’s partner Yahoo! recently launched the new and improved Yahoo! Safely. Through their ongoing efforts to promote a safe online experience, Yahoo! updated the Yahoo! Safely website to provide the same great expert advice and information, but now with an edgier format targeted at a teen audience. The website is home to iKeepSafe’s PSAs targeting important safety topics, such as cyber-bullying and online reputations. Yahoo! continues to provide excellent resources for parents and teens.



How can I burn a music CD from iTunes?

I've bought a fair amount of music from the iTunes store and have also ripped much of my old music collection too. Now I want to make a few audio CDs of favorite songs that I can listen to in the car. How do I do that?


How Microsoft Outlook Ruined Her Birthday Cake?


Create your own Garfield Comic Strip

To all you Garfield fans. This online app will help you design your own Garfield comic strips through simple drag and drop.


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