Friday, October 3, 2008

School has partnered with Remote Restore

School has partnered with Remote Restore to provide adults with an easier way to make their computers safe and secure for children ...

Two of the various recommendations that Internet Safety experts agree on is that Parents should help keep their kids' computers free from malicious software and that the computers should have blocking and filtering software installed. This could take some significant level of expertise and certainly takes a great deal of time. Afterall, there is a host of threats including computer viruses, spyware, and "zombies" that can open a child's computer to unwanted access.

Also, blocking and filtering software is a must so that the chances of inappropriate content (e.g., pornography, violence, and pro-suicide) being viewed by your child is virtually eliminated.

The time and expertise required to effectively minimize risk could be a problem among many Parents today. However, now there is a solution. How about a technology expert do it for you? has partnered with Remote Restore to provide you with this service at a special price:

Annual Plan - Prepaid - 40% in Savings! $69.95
Monthly Plan $9.95

Here is what you get:

You can sign up today, click here:


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